Contemporary oil paintings from a studio located deep in the West Hills of Portland, Oregon

Friday, January 7, 2011

River Watch


The New Year doesn't get any better when it starts off with a sale of art within the first week! To top it off, it sold through my studio and not a Gallery. It's nice to occasionally pocket the commission fees for myself. Because the buyer selected it from an image on my website and not in person, I am a little concerned of the discrepancies that will become apparent, as not all monitor calibrations are equal, and I'm not sure what she saw on her end. She won't really know what she's bought until she holds in in her hands. I'm hoping it lives up to the buyers expectations. This is a great start to a New Year!


  1. i'm sure it will jeanne, this is an exciting piece. the graphic quality and palette are brilliant, i can see why it sold. don't stress, i'm sure the client will love it! congratulations and best of luck in the new year.

  2. Update: You were right Suzanne. She loved it. In fact she is so thrilled she is going to buy another piece! Happy day!